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Metal 3 drawer vertical file cabinet in black, office storage wholesale

Sep 17, 2020
Chinese local furniture began to focus on the design and development of office furniture and market development. Professional office furniture vertical file cabinet in wholesale companies have emerged one after another, and are growing rapidly, and are more suitable for the traditional concepts of the Chinese.
White vinegar cleaning method
Use an equal amount of white vinegar and hot water to wipe the surface of the vertical file cabinet in black, and then wipe vigorously with a soft cloth. This law applies to the maintenance of mahogany furniture and the cleaning of other furniture contaminated by ink stains from seedlings.

Lemon cleaning method
If the polished or varnished wood is burned by matches and other heat, it will leave marks. You can wipe it with half a lemon, and then wipe it with a soft cloth soaked in hot water. Or choose Metal 3 drawer vertical file cabinet will really help you save time.
Toothpaste cleaning method
The white paint on the surface of the furniture will turn yellow over time, and it looks very unfresh. You can use a cloth dipped in toothpaste or tooth powder to wipe the paint. The paint color can be rubbed, so as not to wipe off the paint and damage the surface of the vertical file cabinet in wholesale.
In addition, if there is dust on the Metal 3 drawer vertical file cabinet furniture, do not use a feather duster to sweep it. Because the flying dust will fall on the furniture newly. You should use a semi-dry and semi-wet rag to wipe off the dust on the furniture so that it can be wiped clean.