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How to choose an office file cabinet?

Apr 16, 2023
For example, the current market commonly used office file cabinet is what material, wood and steel is not far away, wood office file cabinet is the longest use time, steel small file cabinet is the current trend of office furniture. Wood office filing cabinets are divided into solid planks and density boards, density boards are made of chemically synthesized boards, which is why woody office filing cabinets are a health hazard, and woody filing cabinets with pungent odors are by no way a good product. Steel office filing cabinets are green products, steel plate is also durable, but the process is slightly inferior to the wooden filing cabinet, but see if the file cabinet is good, not only look at the material.
High-quality office filing cabinets are strict with the process, the flatness of the exterior, the angle of the edges are strictly regulated, the angle formed by the office file cabinet is 90 degrees right angle. When shopping, look at the surface, touch the panel by hand to see if it is smooth, whether there are sharp edges outside its corners, in addition, the functions and accessories of the small filing cabinet, such as locks, tracks and she pulleys and other components of flexibility, wear resistance, etc., are the key to determine the quality of the filing cabinet.

Understanding the characteristics of the various materials of office filing cabinets is the first step in choosing the applicable, good use of office file cabinet, 4 kinds of small filing cabinet material analysis, according to local conditions of the file cabinet is the applicable filing cabinet.

Wood office filing cabinets: divided into artificial board file cabinet and solid wood file cabinet, the general board file cabinet used more, because it is relatively low cost, style, the disadvantage is not moisture-proof, easy deformation, load bearing difference, assembly difficult, poor recovery rate, advantages of many styles.
Metals mall filing cabinet: as the name implies is the use of metal materials to produce molded file cabinets, mainly tin filing cabinets, steel filing cabinets, stainless steel filing cabinets, aluminum filing cabinets, etc. , the surface can be sprayed, color variety, various forms. Features fire prevention, moisture resistance, earthquake resistance, long service life, gravity, environmental protection, its service life can reach more than 8-10 years. The disadvantages of the corresponding metal filing cabinet are large weight, loud noise and relatively high cost.

Plastic office file cabinet: Plastic filing cabinets are generally used in specific places with certain functionality, with insulation, lightweight, anti-fall, collision and other advantages. The united States and China are not enough plastic cabinet size single, less style, poor load bearing, high cost, because of the particularity of plastic material molding, generally mold molding, so determine the plastic cabinet style, size, price and other file cabinet ratio has no advantage.
Glass filing cabinet: glass file cabinet in daily life is not commonly used, there are fewer on the market, but there will still be user demand. Glass filing cabinet with beautiful, transparent characteristics, the disadvantages are unsafe (fragile), high cost, less form.