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Heavy Duty Metal Shelf Unit For Store Warehouse Supermarket

Jul 02, 2021
Compared with other industries, large factories are relatively complex, with many types of readings and large destruction coefficients. When implementing warehouse plans, various factors should be integrated to make reading storage clean and standardized. At the same time, increase warehouse storage under the premise of ensuring safety. the amount.
In large factories and warehouses, our most common one is heavy duty metal shelf unit for sale:

Why does the heavy duty metal shelf unit factory have many advantages when used in large-scale factory warehouse preparations? The heavy duty metal shelf unit for sale is simple in layout, easy to disassemble and install, and it is possible to set up a cargo space according to the material characteristics of the memory card board, so that the supporting forklifts can be accessed more conveniently and quickly. In the planning of large-scale factories and warehouses, the isolation efficiency of the fence can also be coordinated to divide the reading of different varieties into areas, which can not only manage the types, but also facilitate search and summary.
The advantages of heavy duty steel shelf unit manufacture for large-scale factory warehouse planning, heavy duty steel shelf unit manufacture: each layer of heavy duty metal shelf unit factory bears 500-5000kg, and the exact load is read according to the difference. The storage needs to be designed to differ in size and size. The larger the required load capacity is The more materials you use, the more expensive the price. We have all obtained through data experiments that it is completely safe to store and store shelves within the boundaries of the heavy duty metal shelf unit factory. At the same time, a reasonable anti-collision pillar plan can reduce the collision between forklifts and shelves. Shelf life will be no problem for decades.
The benefits of heavy duty metal shelf unit for sale in company performance:
1. Large storage volume per unit warehouse area. The heavy duty metal shelf unit factory is a kind of dense shelf, which can store goods densely in a large area. Compared with the dense storage function of mobile cargo shelves, its scale can be large, and it can be made from light weight less than 1 kilogram. From goods to container pallets and even small containers, heavy duty steel shelf unit manufacture may be adopted. Due to the high level of density, the number of channels is subtracted, which can effectively reduce the area of ??the warehouse. After changing from simple shelves to gravity shelves, the warehouse area can be saved by nearly 50%.
2. The location of the warehouse is fixed, and the running distance of the tools in and out of the warehouse is reduced. When the heavy duty metal shelf unit for sale is used to enter and exit the warehouse, the handling tools such as forklifts and work carts need to pass through the aisle, which is prone to errors, and the tool running line is not easy to plan and the running distance is also long. After selecting heavy duty metal shelf unit for sale, the forklift's operating distance can be reduced by 1/3.
3. Due to the thorough separation of inbound and outbound operations, the two types of operations can progress in the direction of specialization and high-efficiency respectively, and when leaving the warehouse, the tools do not cross each other, do not interfere with each other, the incident rate is reduced, and the safety is improved. high.
4. The heavy duty metal shelf unit factory fully guarantees excellent first-out, so it can handle the modernization requirements of the warehouse properly.
5. Compared with the general shelf, the heavy duty metal shelf unit factory greatly reduces the operating area, which is beneficial for selection activities.
DBin steel furniture heavy duty metal shelf unit for sale has a conscientious, experienced, professional and technical management team that can complete the design, production and installation of the product within the time required by the customer with quality and quantity, until the customer is satisfied with the use.