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commercial office furniture steel 2 door file cabinet customized

Sep 13, 2023
First, the surface of steel 2 door file cabinet factory is sprayed with electrostatic powder, which is beautiful and durable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and odorless. The steel file cabinet realizes the sorting, classification and storage of files and books, and improves work efficiency. Secondly, steel 2 door file cabinet manufacturer's welding is firm, the surface is flat and smooth, and the design uses a double door, which is very convenient when taking files.
The steel 2 door file cabinet manufacturer has a unique combination of drawer border design and handle function, which is beautiful and elegant. It can not only store books, but also store files and materials in categories. The storage system is designed with reasonable design and exquisite workmanship. Steel 2 door file The perfect function of cabinet supplier makes all kinds of documents classified into standard sizes and ready for future expansion. We plan a complete storage system for you to save documents.

The style of steel 2 door file cabinet wholesale is changeable, beautiful, and can be customized according to the actual size. The frame of steel 2 door file cabinet supplier uses angle steel with card slots, which can make the internal laminates between the slots Change back and forth to adjust the height of the space you want, increase flexibility in the use process, and better meet the needs of use. When customizing office furniture, you can customize several different laminates to isolate the difference. The effect of use.
The steel 2 door file cabinet supplier has a large capacity and a small cabinet, which can meet the needs of file placement without wasting space. It has strong combination and adapts to changeable and irregular spaces. There are single-layer and multi-layer cabinets, which can be overlapped and assembled. As a metal product, it is durable and has strong selectivity in style. Glass doors, drawers, and movable doors are free to choose. No special installation is required. It can be used directly, especially suitable for fast modern office life.
The steel 2 door file cabinet manufacturer is light and strong. It can be easily placed and moved and adjusted in position. It can meet the needs of most customers. It is convenient and fast. It is suitable for office. The size of the steel 2 door file cabinet manufacturer is H1850*W900*D400mm. You can choose according to customer requirements. During use, there is a warranty of more than 5 years. OEM&ODM is accepted. The structure is factory flat packaging, convenient for delivery, economical and environmentally friendly, low cost, timely delivery, and competitive price .