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Chinese furniture metal storage lockers for sale

Jun 01, 2021
Speaking of metal storage lockers for sale everyone is no stranger, life we can see everywhere, is often used furniture, the market is a wide variety, a wide variety, a variety of materials, then, how can we choose an affordable, beautiful and generous, the most important point is beneficial to our health harmless, conducive to our health metal storage lockers manufacturing?
Chinese furniture metal storage lockers are cabinets made from cold-rolled steel plates that go through a complete and sophisticated production process and are primarily used to place documents, materials, and various archival items. Metal storage lockers manufacture categories: can be divided into filing cabinets, filing cabinets, data cabinets, activity cabinets, key cabinets, disassembled cabinets, dense cabinets, CD cabinets, bookcases, lockers, lockers, shoe cabinets, lockers. Suitable places: suitable for service companies, factories, schools, various training institutions, hospitals, banks and government agencies and other enterprises and institutions.

So let's start by listing a few features of metal storage lockers for sale for your reference:

Chinese furniture metal storage lockers material:
1, the use of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate;
2, the cabinet using imported Aksu electrostectrecturistic powder spray plastic;
3, ABS engineering plastic hand in hand, good tolerance, long practical life;
4, locks using Ningbo Wangtong custom locks, mutual opening rate of 0.
Chinese furniture metal storage lockers process:
1, the use of the most advanced international steel coating spraying, 100% environmental protection, product surface by oil removal, cleaning, derusting, phosphation cleaning, pre-treatment, cleaning, passivation and other nine processes;
2, surface spraying high-quality thermosoenstic powder, smooth and clean, with popular color electrostatial spray molding, high-temperature plasticization. Spray plastic surface flat, smooth, no flow, starting material, wrinkled skin, dew bottom shedding, scars and other defects affecting the quality.
3, CNC welding machine, a new welding technology, welding flat and beautiful; 4, nine-seat phosphation treatment, harsh environment is still moisture-proof, rust-proof, wear-resistant.
Maintenance of metal storage lockers manufacture:
Chinese furniture metal storage lockers are green and easy to haul over long distances. Mainly put long-term insurance archived documents. The key to maintenance is to maintain cleanliness, avoid sharp scrapes, and wipe the surface with detergent for stubborn stains. Metal storage lockers for sale when placed, to prevent paint oxidation please avoid direct sunlight, to prevent structural damage please avoid overload use. Try not to drag when you need to move to avoid damaging the paint surface.

See here everyone on the metal storage lockers manufacture is not a preliminary understanding, and wooden filing cabinets, Chinese furniture metal storage lockers can better save documents, the most important thing is that no wooden furniture pungent chemical odor, no burden on our bodies, can let us work in a more warm and healthy environment, select file cabinets, DBin offic furniture is your choice.