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china supplier 15 door metal locker for storage

Sep 22, 2021
The size of china supplier 15 door metal locker for storage is H1800*W900*400mm, which can be widely used in offices, schools, factories, hospitals, gyms, etc., for customers to hang clothes, storage, shoes, bags, etc., 15 door metal locker factory Valuables in the reference rooms of government agencies, enterprises and institutions, can store important documents, financial seals, collections, etc., with the characteristics of large storage capacity, space saving, and safety and confidentiality.
15 door metal locker wholesale In the structure, built-in aluminum alloy clothes rail, truly matched with high-end wardrobes, durable, not rusty, not easy to deform, the design of concave louvered dust-proof ventilation windows can ensure ventilation and moisture-proof At the same time, it can effectively prevent dust. The humanized window design of 15 door metal locker supplier, puts the objects in the correct number, is convenient to find, and can be dressed up in front of the closet, which is simple and convenient.

In design, 15 door metal locker supplier has a modular structure, multi-door combination, multiple types of locks and different styles of vents to choose from, providing label holders, handles, and adjustable shelves to make 15 door metal locker The storage of the factory is more convenient.
15 door metal locker manufacturer has a detachable structure, no burrs on the surface, easy to assemble, and does not hurt your hands during use. The 15 door metal locker factory has a sturdy structure, the best load-bearing capacity, and is very practical to use. The design of 15 doors is invisible The storage space of the product is increased in the middle, and the user experience is good. At the same time, it is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, environmentally friendly, safe, non-toxic and tasteless.
15 door metal locker wholesale has undergone special craftsmanship, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, no mold, no odor, no rust, and durable. The thickened cabinet of 15 door metal locker wholesale is beautiful and durable, equipped with silent cushioning hinges. , Comfortable opening and closing, double durability, factory direct disassembly and assembly production, simple installation.