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china popular style light shelves for home

Nov 03, 2021
The size of china light shelves manufacturer is H1680*L800*D400MM. It has a compact body shape that can adapt to any space in your home, making the useless space three-dimensional, helping you to store all kinds of sundries, and giving you a clean and fresh family environment , China light shelves wholesale has undergone high-temperature treatment, and the welding seam is separated from the bottom plate. It has strong rust resistance, sturdiness and durability, beautiful appearance and toughness, and has a variety of colors. It is the first choice for household use.

Under the thin plate of china light shelves for sale, there are super-reinforced ribs of electrical system, which increase the bearing capacity and make the laminates not easy to deform. The welding part adopts the design of butterfly beam holes. , Which makes the disassembly and connection more convenient, and customers can adjust the height of the floor at will according to their own product needs and for their own product needs.

The china light shelves supplier uses cold-rolled steel plates, which are not easily deformed when the thickness is upgraded, the color is shiny, and the time is longer. Coupled with three non-marking bullet spraying processes, a non-cut edge is formed as a whole, which is more load-bearing and strengthens the ribs. , China light shelves wholesale can greatly increase the load-bearing capacity of the single-layer board, and the large space cabinet memory can meet the needs of daily documents and is easy to access.

The columns on both sides of the main frame of china light shelves manufacturer can be used alone. The columns beside the sub-frame can be used together with the main frame. The three-dimensional cross brace can be removed. There are 5 layers of china light shelves for sale, and the single-layer board can be moved freely. , It is suitable for carrying any goods, the upper and lower decks can be moved, and it is convenient to use and store.

The structure of china light shelves supplier has a fully assembled structure, which is convenient and flexible to combine, install and disassemble. The material section of china light shelves wholesale is optimized, a variety of pipe materials are selected, and the bearing capacity is improved. The surface treatment is polished, and the surface is derusted. Degreasing, electrostatic powder spray treatment, can be sprayed according to the color specified by the customer, with beautiful color, not easy to oxidize, and easy to clean. It is deeply loved by home users.