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china factory heavy duty steel mobile shelving system supplier

Sep 18, 2021
Newly designed wholesale price compact mobile shelving for sale can make full use of the storage space, compared with the traditional file cabinets, its data storage capacity can be increased by more than 70%. Each column is equipped with hand brake automatic device, cushioning device, side columns are equipped with locking device, safe and convenient access. It is not easy to tilt and has anti-vibration function. The contact of each column is sealed with a dustproof plate at the top and a rodent-proof device at the bottom, thus providing good protection against dust, rodents and moisture.
The advantages of best selling steel mobile shelving unit for sale?

1、Saving floor space: newly designed wholesale price compact mobile shelving for sale increases the storage space by 50% or more compared with traditional file cabinets (products: file cabinets, filing cabinets), improves the space utilization rate, effectively increases the storage capacity on the basis of not expanding the storage room, and maximizes The system uses the storage room and saves the capital investment.

2、Improve the efficiency of storing and transferring volumes: putting different types of files in factory supplying
metal high density shelving manufacture, not only can reasonably carry out partitioning and classification, but also more effective intelligent numbering and storage, which naturally can get better results when transferring and storing, very clear organization to avoid the loss of files and other situations, and will also achieve better results when processing various documents. The result is better, avoiding unnecessary trouble in daily work.
3、Flexible adjustment of layer spacing: With the development of enterprises, the types of files are getting richer and richer, there are not only paper files, but also financial voucher files, engineering drawing files and so on, all kinds of files are of different sizes, china factory heavy duty steel mobile shelving system can adjust layer and layer spacing at will to meet the advantages of various enterprises and institutions The advantages of the heavy duty steel mobile shelving system can be adjusted at will to meet the different storage needs of enterprises and institutions, while the cabinet is solid, beautiful and neat.
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