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Black 3-drawer mobile pedestal file cabinets

Oct 01, 2023
Do you want get organized in your office? Do you want keep your office a contemporary aesthetic while also adding storage space with the mobile pedestals? DBin Black 3-drawer mobile pedestal file cabinets——just set it beside your desk so you can reach important documents.

DBin Black 3-drawer mobile pedestals is made of the cole-rolled sheet, simplistic rectangular silhouette with a semi-gloss finish that beautifully blends into any abode. Good things always make people happy, with Dbin black pedestals beside your desk, you will have a good mood everyday. It also can be moved anywhere and its high 3-drawer file cabinet easily fits under most desks. Such a convenient and beautiful mobile pedestals, how could you not fall in love with it?

Why is the surface of DBin mobile file cabinets so smooth and the color so uniform? I have to show you the equaipments and the technology of DBin office mobile pedestals. Before spraying the mobile file cabinet, it will be ceramicized to remove the surface oil and form a surface film. Although the surface of the ceramic product is relatively rough, the powder adhesion is enhanced, and all the peocess is more in line with national requirements and calls for environmental protection.DBin black mobile file cabinet spraying uses Leka powder. Leka is currently the best factory that provides a high  quality plastic powder in Luoyang. The quality of the plastic powder is stable, and the powder has a higher leveling during the spraying process to ensure the uniformity of mobile file cabinets's sprayed surface.

Besides, the powder pond of DBin office mobile pedestals uses Junle's special powder pond, and pp plates are used around the powder pond (PP plates can reduce the static electricity around the powder, and the sealing effect is good); Jinma's special automatical powder gun has a high pedestals powder efficiency and pedestals spraying effect is good.

The corporate vision DBin office mobile pedestals is to create value for customers and make employees happy. DBin office mobile pedestals has been satisfying customers through the work and services of mobile pedestals team. Don't hesitate to email us at sales@dbinofficefutniture. com, tell us what you need, DBin office mobile pedestals will peovides you a best organization solution!