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USA customer 500 pcs mobile pedestal file cabinets with cushion

May 07, 2020
USA customer 500 pcs mobile pedestal file cabinets with cushion
Before confirming this order, our American customer had a very concerned question, that is, whether the surface of the movable cabinet was smooth and the spraying was uniform. Actually,the problem he worried is a common in this steel office furniture industry.There are a lot of little problems of mobile pedestal file cabinets on the market,which does not affect its usage. However,the details of mobile file cabinets can not be ignored, which is the principle of DBin steel office furniture.

To allay his concerns, DBin steel office furniture sent him a video of spray technology of DBin steel office furniture factory, some pictures of finished DBin steel mobile pedestals, and photos of our spray line. After watching the videos and photos, he decided to buy 500 pcs mobile pedestal file cabinets with cushion from DBin steel office furniture.The load on the DBin steel office mobile file cabinets is 80KG.So it is completely normal for an adult sitting on the top of DBin mobile file cabinets with cushion. After receving DBin steel office mobile pedestals,he was very satisfied with DBin mobile file cabinets.

As a matter of fact,there are many reasons for the unsmooth surface of the mobile file cabinets, the quality of the raw materials, the process of spraying, the spraying technology and the spraying equipment.Every production process of the product is very important and must be very precise in order to produce the perfect mobile file cabinets.

DBin steel office furniture adopts high-quality raw materials, each process is operated by experienced workers, in order to reduce the product size error. DBin steel office furniture's spraying technology is also very advantageous. The powder spraying line of the new factory is double-lined, with more parts that can be hung, and the powder spraying efficiency is high; A small entrance is also designed in the Kang room, called the speed spraying line. There is no MOQ for mobile file cabinets in small batches with special color . If the customer needs samples, the proofing period will also be shorter.

DBin steel office furniture has reached a long-term cooperative relationship with this American customer. He also introduced us to his friends. Our conscientiousness has been recognized by him and his friends.If you have any questions about office mobile file cabinets, welcome to email us at sales@DBinofficefurniture.com.