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300pcs 3 drawers pedestal file cabinets with cushion for Singapore Client

May 08, 2020
300pcs 3 drawers pedestal file cabinets with cushion for Singapore Client
In October last year, we received an order of 300pcs 3 drawer office mobile file pedestals with cushion from a retailer in Singapore. We met this customer at an exhibition, and we had a deep conversation at that time and kept in touch since then, we finally reached a cooperative relationship because of the mutual trust .

DBin Office Furniture is a professional manufacturer of mobile file pedestals(with cushion). Mobile file pedestals(with cushion) are sent directly from DBin Office Furniture's factory, so  DBin Office Furniture can provide you with a very reasonable price. The 3 drawer mobile file pedestal with cushion is very popular among these mobile file pedestals, the conclusion is also based on the statistics of the customer feedback to us.

DBin Office Furniture invests in professional mobile file pedestals(with cushion) production equipment, molds and other affiliated equipments to develop mobile pedestals(with cushion). DBin Office Furniture insist on dedicated line production to reduce costs, stabilize quality, and create more value for customers. 

The new factory put into use in 2020 has two mobile pedestals(with cushion)production lines, one specification line and one customized line, which not only improves the daily production volume of mobile pedestals(with cushion), but also have DBin Office Furniture accept customized orders from customers.

When purchasing modern office furniture, you must consider the durability of office furniture, so as to make some contribution to the company's "throttling". Therefore, DBin Office Furniture is a good choice for you!