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4 drawer lateral file cabinet with lock factory

Oct 13, 2023
DBin Office Furniture is located in Yibin District, Luoyang City, Henan Province, China, has 10 years experience of producing Steel office furniture,mainly produce all kinds of file cabinets for office file storage,such as: steel mobile pedestals,steel filing cabinets,steel cupboard,steel lockers,etc. Today i want to introduce the 4 drawer lateral file cabinet with lock to you.

Compared with other 3 drawer lateral file cabinet with lock, DBin 4 drawer lateral file cabinet with lock has three advantages: Environmental friendly, Safety and long Service life, which are what customers value most when buying 4 drawer lateral file cabinet with lock.

1.Environmental friendly
Many customers who have purchased lateral file cabinet before reflect such a problem: the lateral file cabinet always  give out an unpleasant pungent odor when it is used in office, which is harmful to the human body and the enviroment. DBin Office Furniture has taken this into consideration a long time ago, and improved on the original  production technology of the lateral file cabinets, using high-quality thermosetting powder,most advanced electrostatic spraying technology, responsing to the environmental protection requirements of the State Environmental Protection at the maximum extent. Of course, You also don’t need to worry about being harmful to your body during using.
2. Safety
DBin 4 drawer lateral file cabinet is equipped with a conventional Wangtong lock, zinc alloy lock body, and a plated surface. The mutual opening rate of this kind of lock is 1/600. This means that it is almost impossible for someone to open your 4 drawer lateral file cabinet without the key. In addition to a lateral file cabinet key, DBin Office Furniture will also equip you with a lock cylinder key and a master key, three-management to ensure the safety of your files in office.
3.Long life service
The service life of a product is determined by its quality. DBin 4 drawer lateral file cabinet is unanimously approved by our customers.All-steel firm structure, Anti-tilt mechanism, Strict multi-layer quality control process,all of this greatlt improve the service of DBin 4 drawer lateral file cabinets.
Don't hesitate, DBin 4 drawer lateral file cabinet won't make you regret making this decision. We have sound after-sales service and also accept anti-fall tests. Good products are not afraid of being tested by time! welcome you to call our hotline: Tel: 0086-15246154756.