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3 drawer steel pedestal file cabinet

Apr 11, 2017
More and more young workers like to use the steel pedestals file cabinet, because Steel furniture is easy to clean and low cost in care, whcih can make prople's work life  more convenient, more efficient, people can has been in a clean and comfortable working environment for a long time.

Compared with the wooden pedestal file cabinet,steel cabinets have a longer service life. Multiple relocations still does not affect the normal use of steel cabinets, because most of Steel cabinets can be installed at any time. 

Among these steel pedestal file cabinets, 3 drawer is the most widely used in the office. because there are three drawers for you to place your files and stuff. Size of  the first and second drawer is W330 * D460 * H70mm, and the third also the biggest drawer is W330*D460*H246mm. Large capacity of 3 drawer steel pedestal gives you the possibility to organize space as you want.

Dbin provides you various of colors for you to choose, you can customize the color that you like or that is suitable for your office. Also, you can choose the type of file cabinets: Side pull, Handle type, Full Finger , narrow side and Round edge,etc.

Whatever kind of steel pedestal file cabinet you want, you can contact us at any time , we will give you the best servive and high-quality products. our eamil: sales@dbinofficefutniture. com.

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