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2020 china manual push and pull Tambour Unit factory

Jul 03, 2020
Kitchen decoration has always been a major event in the family. In the kitchen decoration, cabinets are indispensable furniture. However, with the advancement of technology, the development of the cabinet has been improved. Some cabinets no longer use traditional sliding doors. Use Tambor Unit to make it more fashionable and convenient. I believe that many friends do not know what the cabinet Tambour Unit is, so let me introduce you to the Tambour Unit!
Tambour Unit is composed of many parts such as curtains, seat plates, supports, reels, quick release switches of manual devices, etc. It can be moved by multi-joint movable door pieces put together in series. Put these door pieces in a fixed slideway and turn the door with the top reel as the center. In fact, the function of the roller shutter door is similar to that of the wall, and it has played a role of separation.

The most popular of Tambour Units for so many types of cabinets is the aluminum alloy Tambour Unit. The aluminum alloy Tambour Unit is different from the previous rolling doors. The previous switch sound is louder, and it will be very laborious to use the switch for a long time. Compared with the traditional Tambour Unit, the new aluminum alloy Tambour Unit has more advantages in appearance and function. It can be painted with various color patterns on the surface, and can effectively prevent the irradiation of ultraviolet rays and strong light. Condiments have played a very protective role. The Tambour Unit made of aluminum alloy also abandons the shortcomings of the traditional Tambour Unit. The opening and closing process will not make a harsh sound, which makes it easier for us to open and close the rolling door.
When we buy the Tambour Unit, we should pay attention to observe whether the Tambour Unit manual switch is very convenient and fast, and then see whether the surface of the Tambour Unit has scratches, damage and paint, and carefully check whether the structure of the roller shutter door is precise.
There are many types of cabinets Tambour Unit, here can give you a detailed introduction. According to the different opening methods, it can be divided into manual and electric rolling doors. We usually use manual Tambour Units. Manual Tambour Units use the torsion spring balance force on the central axis of the rolling door to pull the rolling door. If it is distinguished according to the material, it would be more, such as the inorganic cloth Tambour unit, the mesh Tambour Unit, the aluminum alloy Tambour Unit and the color steel plate Tambour Unit, etc., according to the opening direction to distinguish between the roll up and side Volume these two forms.